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The fundamental goal of health care is to improve the health of the public. Abundant evidence indicates that health care systems built on a solid foundation of primary care deliver more effective, efficient, and equitable care than systems that fail to invest adequately in primary care.

Primary care is endangered in the United States, and confronts major challenges worldwide. The chief external threats consist of the failure to invest an adequate share of the nation’s health care resources in primary care and to assure all people access to primary care. The principal internal threat consists of the failure of primary care clinicians and practice organizations to more nimbly and imaginatively innovate and implement new practice models in response to changing population health needs and the growing clinical demands of primary care practice.


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  The Center for Excellence in Primary Care (CEPC) was created in 2005 to respond to these challenges. The mission of the Center is to catalyze the transformation of primary care at the regional, national, and international level.

  specific aims  
Use a multi-pronged strategy to disseminate examples of primary care innovations.

To inform and advocate for policy changes to produce greater investment in primary care.

To transform primary care at the regional level and create a model for nationwide reform.

Conduct research to evaluate innovative models of primary care, changes in the financing and organization of primary care...
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CEPC is a project in the Department of Family and Community Medicine
at the University of California, San Francisco


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