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FCM- 110: Primary Clinic Descriptions

San Francisco

Family Health Center (FHC) at SFGH
Potrero Hill Health Center (PHHC)
Southeast Health Center (SEHC)
UCSF Family Medicine Center at Lakeshore
UCSF Ambulatory Care Clinic (ACC) at Parnassus
UCSF Primary Care Faculty Practice at Mt. Zion
UCSF Screening & Acute Care Clinic (SACC) at Parnassus
Mission Neighborhood Health Center
San Francisco Free Clinic (SFFC)
Sunset Health Services
Northeast Medical Services (NEMS)
Curry Senior Service Center (CSSC)
Golden Gate Medical Group (GGMG)

East Bay

West Berkeley Family Practice

(See Supplementary Clinics for other East Bay sites)


Dr Aaron Roland, Burlingame

(See Community Project listings for projects located in San Mateo)

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Family Health Center (FHC) at SFGH
995 Potrero, Building 80, Ward 81
San Francisco

Description: The Family Health Center is the model practice unit for the Residency Program at San Francisco General Hospital. The rotation in the Family Health Center is geared toward learning the fundamentals of family-oriented health care. Students are exposed to the care of chronic and acute problems, as well as the initial evaluation and assessment of a patient. Additionally, practice in use of the problem-oriented medical records is stressed. Students assigned to the Family Health Center will be offered an ambulatory care experience based on a model of team-based health care delivery, tailored to urban, underserved populations. Students are assigned to one of the three main group practices in the Family Health Center.

Patient Profile: Students see patients of all ages who have been receiving health care at the Familv Health Center, patients who are new to the center, and acute care/urgent care patients. The patients seen represent the wide range of multi-ethnic, often economically disadvantaged patients seen at SFGH.

Language: In addition to English, being able to converse in one of the following languages is extremely helpful, although not required: Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Russian, or Tagalog.
Hours: Open 8:30am - noon and 1:00pm - 5:00pm.

Logistics: Parking is available with a student permit in the SFGH parking lot.

Medical Director: Hali Hammer, MD

Potrero Hill Health Center (PHHC)
1050 Wisconsin Street
San Francisco

Description: Opened in January, 1976, it serves as a primary care clinic of the SF Department of Public Health, and serves the 10,000 people who live in the Potrero Hill and surrounding communities. The health center offers the full range of primary care services. Also, on-site lab services are offered daily, along with substance abuse counseling. Dental services are also offered at the clinic.

Patient Profile: Medical students see both adult and pediatric patients, and work closely with the physician who is assigned as their clinical preceptor.
Center/Medical Director: Michael Drennan, M.D.

Clinic Staff: It is staffed by an internist and five part-time family physicians, a nurse practitioner, and medical social worker. A psychiatrist, nutritionist, and podiatrist have weekly clinics. The staff at Potrero Hill is interested in the full range of primary care services, with subspecialty consultation and hospital admissions arranged through San Francisco General Hospital.

Language: Spanish skills are very helpful although total fluency is not a requirement.

Schedule: Monday – Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm

Telephone: 415-648-3022

Medical Director: Michael Drennan, MD

Southeast Health Center (SEHC)
2401 Keith Street
San Francisco

Description: SEHC serves as a primary care clinic in the SF Department of Public Health and is located in the Bayview-Hunter’s Point Area. This clinic provides family-oriented care, including well-baby, well-child, gynecologic, prenatal and regular medical care to patients on an ongoing basis. In addition, there is an active drop-in service for those patients with acute needs.
Medical students will be asked to participate in the drop-in program, in addition to making initial complete assessments of health needs of new patients. The problem oriented method is stressed. There will be close supervision by one or more of the regular providers.

Clinic Staff: The clinic is staffed by five part-time family physicians, two pediatricians, a primary care internist, and a family nurse practitioner. There is also a dental unit and a podiatrist.

Languages: In addition to English, since some patients may not speak English, being able to converse in one of the following languages is helpful, although not required: Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, or Samoan.

Logistics: In the Bayview/Hunter’s Point area of SF; the clinic is in a mainly industrial/warehouse neighborhood. Parking lot for staff is behind gate – get an opener from staff. Parking lot for patients is outside gate.

Student Comments: Many difficult issues are addressed in the patient population – SA, economic issues, DV, preventive medicine, access to community resources, etc.

Phone: 415-715-4000
Fax: 415-822-3620

Medical Director:Mark Ghaly, MD
Site Education Director: Robert Franklin, MD

UCSF Family Medicine Center at Lakeshore
1569 Sloat Blvd, Suite 333
San Francisco

Description: The Lakeshore Family Medicine Center is the faculty practice for the Department of Family and Community Medicine. The clinic provides comprehensive ambulatory medical care for an ethnically diverse patient population. Seven of the fourteen family medicine faculty providers practice obstetrics and attend deliveries and care for newborns at UCSF- Parnassus. The rotation at the Lakeshore Family Medicine Center will expose students to primary care throughout the life-cycle. Students will provide care for newborn, pediatric, adolescent, adult, obstetric, and geriatric patients. Students have the option to be “on call” for OB deliveries as well. Students will be assigned to work with individual attendings in the clinic, and will see patients both for acute and chronic issues.

Patient Profile: The Lakeshore clinic serves about 12,000 patients, one third of whom come from the surrounding community in the Southwest Corner of San Francisco. About 40% of the patients are Asian Pacific Islanders, 35% are Caucasian, 7% are Latino, and about 5% are African American. The patients are mostly insured; approximately 70% have HMO-type insurance.

Clinic Staff: The medical providers include 14 family physicians (7 of whom perform obstetrics), a psychologist, a dermatologist, a nurse practitioner, and a triage-advice nurse.

Languages: The majority of the patients are English-speakers.  Approximately 10% of the patients are primarily Chinese-speakers, many of whom are monolingual. Many patients also speak and variety of Asian-Pacific-Islander languages and Spanish.

Schedule: Morning clinic starts at 8:30 AM (except 9:30 AM on Wednesdays) and afternoon clinic starts at 1:00 PM.

Logistics: The UCSF Family Medicine Center is located in the Southwest Corner of San Francisco on Sloat Boulevard in the Lakeshore shopping center. Parking is available without a permit.

Medical Director: Katherine Strelkoff, MD
Site Director: Sue Runyan, MD, MPH

Phone 415-353-3257
Fax: 415-353-3450

UCSF Ambulatory Care Clinic (ACC) at Parnassus
400 Parnassus Avenue in
San Francisco

Description: The clinic provides diagnostic evaluation and primary care services. The activities of the Primary Care Internal Medicine Residency Program and the Faculty Group Practices are centered in the General Internal Medicine Practices A and B. The patient population mirrors the diversity of San Francisco.  The student will become an integral part of the practice, seeing new patients and acute/follow-up patients in consultation with a faculty member.

Issues especially relevant to primary care will be emphasized. These include preventive health care, appropriate use of medical technology, evidence-based practice, and the importance of psychosocial issues and communication skills in the management of patient problems. Students will be assigned to Screening and Acute Care Clinic (1st Floor, ACC) to evaluate patients with acute/drop-in problems one-half day per week.

Schedule: Morning clinical sessions begin at 8:30 am and afternoon clinical sessions begin at 1:30 pm.

Logistics: There is no free parking on-site.

Site Director: Maria Wamsley, MD

Administrator: Elizabeth Cobbs
phone 415-476-0853

UCSF Primary Care Faculty Practice at Mt. Zion

Description: The clinic provides primary care services for diverse patient populations including Russian and Asian immigrants. The Mt. Zion Practice includes residents and faculty from the Primary Care Internal Medicine Residency Program. The student will become an integral part of the practice and will evaluate new patients as well as follow-up/acute patients in consultation with a faculty member. Issues relevant to primary care will be emphasized, including preventive health care, appropriate use of medical technology, evidence-based practice, and the importance of psychosocial issues and communication skills in the management of patient problems. Students may also be assigned to the Screening and Acute Care Clinic (1st floor, Ambulatory Care Center, 400 Parnassus) one-half day per week.

Schedule: Morning clinical sessions begin at 9:00 am.

Logistics: There is no free parking on site.

Medical Director: Dan Null, MD

Site Director: Maria Wamsley, MD

Administrator: Elizabeth Cobbs, phone 415-476-0853

UCSF Screening and Acute Care Clinic (SACC) at Parnassus
1st floor ACC, 400 Parnassus Ave.
San Francisco

Description:This is an urgent care clinic, providing service to diverse adult patients from throughout the bay area for their acute medical needs. Patient problems vary from minor rashes, UTIs and acute respiratory illnesses to severe and unusual illnesses ultimately requiring hospitalization. Procedures including I & D and splinting are common.

Patient Profile: Adults with acute and urgent medical illnesses of all kinds

Clinic staff: Primarily Internal Medicine residents and attendings.

Languages: None required; Because the population is diverse, Spanish, Tagalog, Cantonese, Mandarin, Russian, and other languages are often represented and valuable in caring for our patients.

Logistics: There is no free parking on-site.

Schedule: 8am-8 pm M-F, 8 am-4 pm Sat.

Contact Information:
Administrative Staff: 353-2138
For educational issues or absences contact:
Maria Wamsley, MD

Clinic Director: Paul Nadler, MD

Mission Neighborhood Health Center
240 Shotwell Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

Description: Mission Neighborhood Health Center has been a stable community provider for almost 40 years in San Francisco.  Serving the underserved and working poor (and all other members) of the Mission District, its patients are 90% Latino.  The clinic is responsible for over 30% of the deliveries at SFGH, has over 3,000 pediatric patients, and 8,000 adult patients with a wide variety of acute and chronic conditions.

We have a Nationally acclaimed  HIV program (Clinica Esperanza, established in 1989), a Federal Diabetes collaborative, a teen clinic, a homeless shelter/resource center (since 2002) and a satellite Community site  - Excelsior (since 2003) located at 4434 Mission.  The main campus is at 16th street and Shotwell, is open 8-5 M-Friday with evening hours for the HIV clinic.

Clinic Staff: We are staffed by a majority of Family Physicians, with several internists, pediatricians, and Nurse midwifes.  We also have several Mid-levels, nutritionists, LCSW's, and Community Linkage programs.

Language: Medical Spanish fluency is required, street parking is possible, and fourth year electives will be considered.

Website: www.mnhc.org

David Pepper, MD
415-552-1013 x 323

San Francisco Free Clinic (SFFC)
4900 California Street,
San Francisco

Description: A nonprofit clinic was begun to provide free healthcare to families and individuals who do not have any form of insurance and who are below a certain income. The clinic was opened by a husband and wife team after they realized their private practice was not providing enough meaning in their lives. They wanted to provide health services to those who fall into the gap not covered by Medicare or Medi-Cal but also do not have their own insurance. All uninsured people are welcome. The clinic provides primary care and urgent care to the SF bay area. They provide laboratory services to their patients and free medication as much as they can from donations received.

Clinic Staff: The clinic is run by the volunteer support of community doctors, residents and students. Staff is very friendly.

Languages: In addition to English, since some patients may not speak English, being able to converse in one of the following languages is helpful, although not required: Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, or Russian.

Logistics: meters (1 hour) on Clement and 3 hour limits on Avenues.

Website: http://www.sffc.org/

Executive Directors: Patricia Gibbs, MD; Richard Gibbs, MD

Medical Director: Lily Huang, MD

Special Note: This site is only available for MS-IV and experienced MS-III’s.

Curry Senior Service Center (CSSC)
(Formerly North of Market Senior Services)
333 Turk Street (between Hyde and Leavenworth), San Francisco

Description: From its key location in the heart of San Francisco's Tenderloin, Curry Senior Center has provided medical, social service support, and substance abuse counseling to the low-income and frail elderly residents (age 55 and older) of the area since 1972. Physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, social workers, and substance abuse counselors provide a multi-disciplinary approach to health care for elders. Students function as primary care providers, seeing patients in the clinic as well as on home visits. Students also participate as a member of the multi-disciplinary team by observing and interacting with other members of the team.

Clinic Staff: Primary care is provided at the clinic by 3 physicians and 3 nurse practitioners (not all providers are full-time). In addition to the primary care providers, other medical providers include a podiatrist, 2 mental health nurse practitioners, 1 women's health nurse practitioner, and 2 pharmacists (most of these other providers are in the clinic ½ day per week).

Patient Profile: The population seen in the clinic is extremely diverse-from many cultural backgrounds varied in education, some with close ties to family but many living alone in SROs, some homeless, some with significant substance use and/or mental health problems.

Languages: There are no specific language requirements for students.

Logistics: The clinic is located at 333 Turk St., between Hyde and Leavenworth, approximately 2 blocks from the Civic Center Muni/BART station. There is no parking lot for the clinic, but street parking or garage parking is available within several blocks of the clinic.

Schedule: The clinic is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Medical Director: Richard Zercher, MD,
phone 415- 885-2274

Website: http://www.dph.sf.ca.us/chn/hlthctrs/curry.htm

East Bay

West Berkeley Family Practice
2031 6th Street
Berkeley, CA

Description: West Berkeley Family Practice is a part of Lifelong Medical Care, an organization of medical and dental clinics, with an adult day health center and a supportive housing program.  We are a community clinic with a target patient population of urban underserved people of all ages and backgrounds.  We provide preventive and urgent care, as well as podiatry, and have a variety of other services available to our patients both individually and in small group settings, including: counseling, hypertension and diabetes counseling, Centering Pregnancy and Centering Parenting groups, diabetes education groups, diet and healthy lifestyle education groups, and Medicare part D help sessions.  The most common healthcare concerns of patients at West Berkeley Family Practice include asthma, chronic disease management, chronic pain, diabetes, family planning, hypertension, and women’s health issues.  We have an urgent care drop-in clinic for registered pediatric patients every day, Monday through Friday, at 8:00am, and accommodate critical walk-in requests for urgent care through our triage department.  The clinic hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Saturday, except most Wednesday afternoons, when we close for meetings from noon to 3:00pm.

Patient Profile: The population served at WBFP is culturally and ethnically diverse, with many of the patients speaking Spanish as their first language; 25% of patients served are African American, 30% White, 14% other, and 13% Hispanic according to UDS data for calendar year 2003. 

Language: It is recommended that project participants have some knowledge of Spanish.

Providers:  West Berkeley Family Practice has 8 Physicians, 1 Podiatrist, 2 Physician Assistants, 1 Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, 3 Certified Nurse Midwives, 1 Social Worker, 3 Community Health Workers and a Health Educator.

Transportation/Parking: West Berkeley Family Practice is located in northwest Berkeley, with street parking only (limited lot space is reserved for patients).  The clinic is approximately 4 blocks from the Berkeley Amtrak station, roughly a mile from the North Berkeley BART station, and along the following AC Transit bus routes: 9, 19, 51, and 51S, and is near the 52L, 72, 72R, 72M, and 802 which run on San Pablo Avenue (4 blocks away).

Phone: 510-704-6000
Fax: 510-841-5437

Contact Information:
Amy Gordon, MD
Tel: 510-981-4235  
Fax: 510-981-4294
Administration:  Tel: 510-704-6000

Website: http://www.lifelongmedical.org/centers_berkeley_family.html


Family Care Associates
Burlingame, CA

Description: Private office with a largely middle to working class practice.  Because we do prenatal care we have more kids than the typical family practice office in the community.  We also have about 500 MediCal patients which brings us more serious pathology and disability than many practices see.  Several of the doctors in the office speak Spanish so this patient group is also significantly represented.

Patient Profile: Many Pacific Islanders, Mexicans, and Central Americans. About 15% of patient visits are from underserved communities.

Preceptor Specialty: Family Medicine

Languages required or recommended: Spanish is helpful

Logistics: Off Millbrae Ave exit from 101; ten minutes walk from Millbrae BART

Contact Information: Aaron M. Roland, M.D.
pager: 650-571-3289

Updated: November 19, 2012
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