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Data Sources

California County Data Spreadsheets
These pages contain data spreadsheets intended specifically for California Counties and Health Jurisdictions, and reference documents for their interpretation.

California County Data Sources
Topical listing of useful data sources for the California Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health community.

2012 MIHA Data
MIHA, the Maternal and Infant Health Assessment, is a population-based survey of women with a recent live birth in California that collects information about maternal experiences, attitudes and behaviors before, during and shortly after pregnancy. Topics include: health status, nutrition, weight, health insurance, service utilization and content, breastfeeding, infant sleep, pregnancy intention, family planning, intimate partner violence, substance use, hardships, income and dental care during pregnancy.
MIHA statewide results are available for subgroups of women based on maternal age, education, income, prenatal health insurance, and race/ethnicity. MIHA results are also available for the 20 California counties with the greatest numbers of births and at multi-county regional levels.

California Department of Public Health Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Program
This web page provides links data and statistics, publications and reports, news, hot topics, updates and other resources from the California Department of Public Health’s Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Program.

County Health Status Profiles 2013
This report contains selected health status indicators recommended by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for monitoring state and local progress toward achieving goals as set forth in its Healthy People 2020 report, which is released once each decade.
Program Resources and Tools

Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health (MCAH) Local Health Jurisdictions (LHJ) Title V Needs Assessment
This page is a compilation of information of links and resources that will be useful in completing Title V Needs Assessment.

Intervention Planning Resources and Tools
These pages provide information and resources related to California MCAH priority areas and intervention planning.

Local MCAH Program Scope of Work
This page offers webinar trainings and other materials for the 2011-2012 local MCAH program scope of work.

Local MCAH Program Scope of Work Data Sources
This page contains data necessary for the California counties to complete their Scope of Work.

Program Evaluation and Performance Monitoring Resources
This page offers a developing collection of resources for measuring the impacts of programs and activities. It includes program evaluation basics, program evaluation tools, assessing the impact of community awareness campaigns, and social media campaigns and evaluation tools.

MCAH Topical Fact Sheets
FHOP, along with the State MCAH Program and MCAH Action, is developing a series of fact sheets on MCAH topics and issues. The purpose of the fact sheets is to provide simple, clear, and direct information that highlights the costs and benefits of addressing the selected health issue and highlights why addressing the issue is important to California and to local communities.

ASTHO Healthy Babies Initiative
In September 2011, Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO) President David Lakey (TX) issued his President's Challenge: the Healthy Babies Initiative. His goal for the challenge is to improve birth outcomes by reducing infant mortality and prematurity in the United States. Specifically, the goal is to decrease prematurity in the United States by 8% by 2014. State and territorial health agencies can make an incredible impact in this area, and the resources on these pages are designed to help. The resources are categorized in two ways: by lifestage, as depicted in the images below, including Preconception, Prenatal, Birth to 28 Days, and First Year; and by scope of resources, including Policy Resources, Community Resources, Organizational Resources, Health IT Resources, Healthcare Provider Resources, and Self-Management Resources.

Grant Writing Resources
FHOP has compiled several resources for writing grant proposals for health projects, including writing guides and tips, finding funding opportunities, and additional reference materials.

MCAH Life Course Toolbox
The Life Course Model is now an integral part of the way that MCAH programs assess and address health problems in the MCAH population. The new MCAH Toolkit provides valuable resources to facilitate this process. CityMatCH and Contra Costa Health Services Family Maternal and Child Health Programs launched an online MCH Life Course Toolbox in June 2010. The toolbox features life course resources, a discussion board, the Life Course Game, and Facilitator's Kit. The MCH Life Course Toolbox is an online resource for researchers, academics, practitioners, and others to share information, strategies, and tools to integrate the life course perspective into maternal and child health (MCH) work at the local, state, and national levels.

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