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CBInfo: California Birth Information System
CBInfo is a software package developed by FHOP to improve access to and utilization of birth certificate data in a standard format that would allow comparisons within and across counties. It was developed to accommodate major revisions in the California Birth Certificate instituted in 2007, which resulted in adding new elements and changing the format. CBInfo has maintained the strength of its predecessor (EpiBC) in importing, reviewing, reporting, graphing, and mapping birth certificate data, but it includes a host of new pre-programmed reports for the new fields in the 2007 and later birth certificate. CBInfo is an application within the CDC's public domain software EpiInfo; you must first install EpiInfo before installing and using CBInfo.

Download and Install EpiInfo
Note: Do not install the latest version of EpiInfo. It will not be compatible. You need to use EpiInfo 3.5.4; follow instructions in the link above.
More information about EpiInfo
Download CBInfo (version 1.1, updated 2.28.11)
CBInfo Manual
CBInfo Frequently Asked Questions
California MCAH Data County Pages: Boundary File

Note: Some users have been receiving an error message when trying to import data into CBInfo.
1. If you encounter a problem with CBInfo, the best first step is to uninstall CBInfo and reinstall the latest version from the FHOP website. Uninstalling and reinstalling CBInfo will not remove any of your databases or output files.
2. Then, when you open CBInfo, under "Settings", select "Set County Code" and enter the code for your county (which you can find on page 124 in the manual). Then select "Set Drive Letter", and enter the drive where EpiInfo is installed, generally it is C. You must enter the drive letter and a COLON for the program to function correctly, for example, "C:".
3. If you still are finding issues with CBInfo after these steps, contact FHOP.

CBInfo Users Group
FHOP is starting a group for users of the California Birth Information System (CBInfo). The group is intended to help you by providing peer-support for people using or interested in using CBInfo, to facilitate discussion and question asking and answering, to provide access to the designer of the CBInfo software and his programming and trouble-shooting expertise, and to generate ideas for development of new software features and standardized reports.

To sign up, CLICK HERE (you will be taken to a page to join the group and select your email list preferences).

EpiHosp: Hospital Discharge Data Analysis & Presentation System
EpiHosp is a software package distributed without charge to California health jurisdictions to enable them to review, analyze, report, and graph key variables from the California hospital discharge data for children and young adults 28 days to 24 years. EpiHosp is an add-on layer for EpiInfo, public domain software designed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Windows version of EpiHosp includes drop down menus and a set of preprogrammed reports and graphs. It also contains built-in tutorials, references and documentation.

Download and Install EpiInfo
Note: Do not install the latest version of EpiInfo. It will not be compatible. You need to use EpiInfo 3.5.3 following the link above.
Download EpiHosp 2.0
EpiHosp 2.0 Manual

EpiHosp Resources
Methods to Prepare Hospital Discharge Data

SAS Users Group
FHOP has formed a group for SAS programmers who work with population health files such as hospital discharge, births, deaths, fetal deaths, census and other large files available longitudinally. The group is intended to provide peer support for SAS programmers, to facilitate discussion, ask questions and get answers.
The User Group is led by the designer's of FHOP's DataBook products. Participants will have access to their programming and trouble-shooting expertise. FHOP's large library of macros and other resources we developed to study population health longitudinally are available through this user group.
To sign up, CLICK HERE (you will be taken to a page to join the group and select your email list preferences).

Download EpiMap2
California MCAH Data County Pages: Boundary Files

Tell us About Your Needs - CBInfo and EpiHosp Use Survey
FHOP has created a brief survey to assess the use and utility of CBInfo and of EpiHosp. The results of this survey will be used by FHOP and the State MCAH Program to determine the best way to support and facilitate use of birth certificate data and hospital data. Please take a few moments to tell us about your data analysis needs.

To take the survey click here


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