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Thursday, May 12, 2011
UCSF Laurel Heights
3333 California Street
San Francisco, CA 94118
11:00am to 5:00pm, reception to follow
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Lunch, Informal Poster Viewing
Lower Level (S1) of Laurel Heights outside of the Auditorium and Poster Sessions


Introduction to 2011 Jack Rodnick Memorial Colloquium
Lower Level (S1) of Laurel Heights outside of the Auditorium and Poster Sessions


Plenary Session
S1-24 – Laurel Heights Auditorium; Go to expanded list below


Poster  Session
S1-18 – Chancellors Room & S1-21 – Regents Room; Go to expanded list below


Concurrent Talks
Conference rooms on the 3rd and 4th floors; Go to expanded list below.




Keynote Address by Kevin Grumbach, MD - "Scaling Up and Sustaining Innovation"
S1-24 – Laurel Heights Auditorium


Wine and Cheese Reception
Lower Level (S1) of Laurel Heights outside of the Auditorium and Poster Sessions


S1-24: Laurel Heights Auditorium



REDEEM: An RCT to Reduce Disease Distress and Improve Diabetes Management – First Results
Lawrence Fisher, PhD


Elation or Dismay: Attitudes of California Healthcare Stakeholders on the Affordable Care Act Medicaid Expansion
Autumn Kieber-Emmons, MD, MPH


Impact on Referral Rates After Adding Healthy Steps to Curriculum
Susan Hughes, MS


Measuring Primary Care Providers' Trust in Their Patients on Prescription Opiods for Chronic Non-malignant Pain
David Thom, MD, PhD

Community Engagement: Room 384
Claudia Diaz Mooney, MD, Moderator

Caminos de Salud
Brian Yoshi Laing, MD


Does School District Compliance with State Physical Education Policies Matter for Children’s Fitness?
Susan Egerter, PhD


Financial Fitness Clinic: A Medical-Financial Partnership to Reduce Financial Hardship and Improve Patient Health
Heather Bennett, MD


How Can Health Professionals Intervene in Gang Violence?
Leann Watson, MD, MBA/MPA

Innovations in Clinical Care: Room 376
Aparna Dandekar, MD, Moderator

What Do Women Want? Women’s Experiences and Preferences about Contraceptive Counseling: A Qualitative Study
Christine Dehlendorf, MD, MAS


Treat to Target: A Novel Innovation in Hypertension Treatment
David Margolius, BA


The Healthy San Francisco Chronic Care Redesign Project: An Innovative Role for Nurse Practitioners
Hattie Grundland, RN, MS, NP


HIV-Related Stigma among Clinical Providers and its Effect on Access to Care
Nancy Warren, MPH

Research: Room 474
Magdalen Edmunds, MD, MPH, Moderator

The Prognosis of Acute Low Back Pain in Primary Care in the U.S.
Wolf Mehling, MD



Building a Medical Neighborhood for Neighborhood Health Centers: Models for Obtaining Specialty Care
Katherine Neuhausen, MD


Understanding Delays in Care and Unmet Preventive Need in South Los Angeles: Using Community-Based Participatory Research Principles to Inform Changes in Health System Delivery
Kara Odom Walker, MD, MPH, MSHS


Women's Experiences with Counseling for Early Pregnancy Failure Management: A Qualitative Study
Robin Wallace, MD

Medical Education: Room 382
Anthony Mrgudich, MD, Moderator

Integrative Medicine for the Underserved (IM4U) – The Report and Tools of an International Effort
Ben Brown, MD; Fasih Hameed, MD; Rick McKinney, MD


A Qualitative Study of Latina Immigrants' Perceptions of Family Centered Prenatal Care
Kristen Miranda, MD, MPH; Carrie Cunningham, MD, MPH; Katherine Neuhausen, MD; Christine Dehlendorf, MD, MAS


Meaningful Innovation or Rearranging Deck Chairs? Comparing Three Formats for a Family Medicine Clerkship
Margo Vener, MD, MPH


Examining the Relationship between Clerkship Continuity and Third-Year Medical Students' Perception of Professional Climate
Laura Hill-Sakurai, MD


Innovations in Clinical Care: Room S1-18, Chancellors Room

  1. Integrative Medicine Pilot Project in San Francisco Department of Public Health Clinic
David Pakter MD

  2. Evaluating and Improving Intimate Partner Violence Screening and Intervention at the UCSF Student-Run Homeless Clinic
Vivian Jiang, BS

  3. Assessing Levels of Inadequate Health Literacy among Adults at Adventist Community Care Selma – Selma, California
Roxanna Garcia, Medical Student

  4. Examining Barriers to Chronic Care Management at Southeast Health Center
Angela Echiverri, MPH

  5. Retention Rates during Transition of Stand-Alone HIV Clinic to a Network of HIV Practices in Community Health Centers
Steven Bromer, MD

  6. The Experience of Primary Care Clinicians who use a Telephone Consultation Service for HIV Management Assistance
Jess Waldura, MD

  7. A Pilot Telephone-based Intervention for Patients with Poorly- Controlled Diabetes Mellitus
Laura Hill-Sakurai, MD

  8. Food Insecurity in the Inpatient Setting
Julia Bruckner, Medical Student

  9. Primary Care Progress at UCSF: A Chapter, an Organization, a Movement
Heather Bennett, MD

Research: Room S1-18, Chancellors Room

  10. Serum Ammonia Level Does Not Affect Anion Gap Measurement
Tracy Li, MD, PhD

  11. Qualitative Evaluation of “HAPPEN,” an HIV Prevention Program for Women Partners of Incarcerated and Recently Released Men
Melanie Bien

  12. PAETC: Mining Existing Data Sources and Interviewing Key Informants to Construct a More Effective Needs Assessment
Nancy Warren, MPH

  13. Health Care Experience of HIV-negative Partners in HIV Serodiscordant Relationships
Megan Mahoney, MD

  14. Chinese American Patients’ Views about Practice-Based Research Participation: Concerns and Incentives
Tina Yu, BS

  15. To What Extent do CSHCN Covered by the California Children's Services Program Have a Medical Home?
Jennifer Rienks, PhD, MS

Community Engagement: Room S1-21, Regents Room

  16. Developing a Health Communication Tool for Vietnamese-Speaking Elders: Results of the CLIP Card Pilot
Thomas Blair, Medical Student; Jenny Cohen, Medical Student; & Van Vuong, Pharmacy Student

  17. Hmong, HIV, and their Physicians
Hugh Yang, DO

  18. Disaster Preparedness: A Public Health Approach in Chinatown Single-Room Occupancies
Amy Shen, Medical Student

  19. The FLU-FOBT Program in the SFDPH Community Health Network: Lasting Benefits of a Community Engaged, Practice-Based Research Project
Jason Jenkins

  20. Qualitative Insights to Help Develop a Faith-Based Intervention to Improve the Completion of Advance Directives in Chinese and Vietnamese Church Communities
Quynh Bui, MD, MPH

  21. Early Lessons in the Formation of a New Patient Advisory Council in a Community-Based, Academic Family Medicine Clinic
Quynh Bui, MD, MPH

  22. Community Health Assessment of the South of Market Filipino Population in San Francisco
Jenille Narvaez

  23. Sex, Depression, and Relationships: Health Class Education Seminars at Lincoln High School
Marron Wong, Medical Student; Priscilla Chan, Medical Student; Nicole Gomez, Medical Student

  24. Community Oriented Primary Care: A Collaboration between Family and Community Medicine Residents and Teenage Pregnancy and Parenting Program
Fernando Maldonado

Medical Education: Room S1-21, Regents Room

  25. Strain-Counterstrain: Expanding Myofascial Pain Treatment Modalities for Allopathic Trained Resident Physicians
Magdalen Edmunds, MD, MPH

  26. Creating an Interprofessional Curriculum in Integrative Medicine
Shelley Adler, PhD

  27. Preparing for Teaching Health Center Residency Programs: Migrant and Farm Worker 4th Year Transition Elective
Adriana Padilla, MD

  28. Piloting Practice Inquiry to Promote Clerkship Medical Students’ Skill and Comfort in Addressing Clinical Uncertaint
Amiesha Panchal, MD

  29. Residency SBIRT Training in the Community: Residents as Trainers to Carry the Message
Eric Sanford, MD

  30. DM, HTN, CAD: Can a Chronic Care Cohort Help Students Move Beyond Acronyms and into a More Meaningful Role in Patient Care?
Margo Vener, MD, MPH

  31. Are We Making a Difference? Model SFGH 2007-2010 Match Data on Underserved and Primary Care Residency Choice
Margo Vener, MD, MPH

  32. Staying Afloat in a Sea of Charts: Establishing Sustainable Electronic Note-writing Practices for Family Medicine Residents
Kellene Eagen, MD


Updated: November 19, 2012
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